When you live in Salisbury, NC, you can have both the history, culture and friendliness of a small city and the lightning-fast fiber-optic internet speeds of a gigabit city! Fibrant is proud to offer residents the fastest internet in the region, starting at 50x50 Mbps for only $45! That's 500 times faster than traditional dial-up services. These recent speed upgrades put the competition to shame!

We also offer symmetric upload and download speeds, meaning you can download a movie just as quickly as you can upload files to the cloud! Other internet providers can't match that!

For power users and gamers, we now offer speeds up to 10 gigabits per second! This lightning-fast speed is what makes Salisbury America's First 10 Gig City!

Fiber-optic broadband networks send information using pulses of light, while traditional networks use radio frequency signals sent over copper wire. Fiber networks like Fibrant are much faster as a result, with speeds that are hard to match and capacity that's hard to bog down.

Our Internet speeds start at 50x50 Mbps. Does your Internet speed compare?

With Fibrant's high-speed internet, video chat is easy for the whole family!

With Fibrant's high-speed internet, video chat is easy for the whole family!


Enjoy crystal-clear phone service with over 15 call features! A popular feature is "Voicemail to Email", where missed calls can be forwarded to your email account. We have all the standard features as well, like three-way calling, call block and caller ID.

Fibrant offers free activation and unlimited long distance within the United States. We have low international rates that won't break the bank!

Don't worry about dropped calls on your home line with Fibrant's 99.999% reliability! Our infrastructure has been tried and tested, and we can confidently provide better service than our major competitors.

Crystal-clear phone service that you can rely on!

Crystal-clear phone service that you can rely on!


Watch pixel-perfect video on your TV with Fibrant's fiber-optic network. We provide bandwidth to meet today's digital demands and the possibilities of tomorrow.

All five of our video packages include high-definition, called HDTV! HDTV is a digital TV broadcasting format where the broadcast transmits widescreen pictures with more detail and quality than found in a standard analog television, or other digital television formats.
Our top-level Platinum package has over 430 channels, 115 of which are HD! We also offer Premium packages like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime/TMC and Starz/Encore. We also have Latino and Pay-Per-View tiers at affordable monthly rates.

Fibrant also has whole home DVR, which allows you to store up to 75 hours of recorded shows. You can also record up to 3 shows at once in 1 room, and then watch live TV in up to 4 rooms at the same time! Check out our TV Guide here.

With Fibrant, you don't have to worry about hidden fees and unexpected price hikes for your video service! Our competitors will keep sneaking fees and changing the bill on you, but with us you don't have to worry about expensive surprises!
Enjoy your family's favorite shows on high-definition TV!

Enjoy your family's favorite shows on high-definition TV!


Fibrant packages

Our Most Popular Packages

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50x50 Internet


per month

50x50 Mbps
Symmetric Packages
Free Email

50x50 Internet + Phone


per month

50x50 Internet plus crystal clear phone
Over 16 Call features
Free activation

50x50 Internet + Phone + Video (Bronze)


per month

Bronze Package:
154 Channels (60 HD)
1 STB, 1 DVR

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